Melluish Metalwork 
(Melluish Bros Ltd)
est 1947

Our goal then and now is to provide quality on time projects

Welcome to Melluish Bros Ltd

Steel fabricators and engineers since 1947. Melluish Metalwork (Melluish Bros Ltd) We area trusted manufacturing partner for a wide range of industries. We are based in Sheffield, United Kingdom, our manufacturing process uses the latest CAD/CAM technology and a fully skilled workforce, our team are dedicated to producing quality and competitively priced metalwork products.


What We Do

We manufacture items in our Sheffield based factory to our clients specifications, using a variety of metals such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and can also offer fabrications in or incorporating other materials such as copper, brass, glass, wood and plastics. 

Our work is finished to a highest standards, finished metalwork can be supplied self colour or alternatively we can offer powder coating, stove enamelling, hot dip galvanising, electro plating or polishing.

Melluish Metalwork offers a full range of services from survey, design, prototype work, one-off and batch production, right through to site installation.

Industries we
manufacture for

Construction – Architectural metalwork for building exteriors and interiors, new projects and renovations including balustrades, canopies, stairs, docorative cladding and trims, street furniture, gates, fences, handrails and fire escapes.

Food Industry – Vessels and hoppers, Conveyors, Pipework and tubing, Tables and worktops, guarding, cabinets and enclosures.

General Sheet Metalwork & Fabrication – Frameworks, electrical enclosures, ducting and pipework, machine guards, hoppers.

Bar & Shop Fitting – Shelves and racking, stands, worktops and counters, display cases, rails.

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